Father-Daughter Liturgy

The Father-Daughter Liturgy here at SHA is such an amazing opportunity for students to spend quality time with their fathers and friends, and share that relationship with God. The bond a daughter has with her father is so incredibly special and here at SHA we value strong bonds. The day started with a beautiful Mass where we were all able to share with our fathers the importance of maintaining our relationship with God. The songs chosen were especially perfect for the occasion and brought Mass to life along with instrumentals to pair with it.

After Mass, everyone drove to Cascade in Hamden for a delicious breakfast. The place is stunning with sparkling chandeliers, marble, and grand staircases. Impression’s studio had photos covered and did an amazing job, the pictures came out gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing and dressed to impress for the special event. The food consisted of pastries, a waffle station, fresh fruit, and your breakfast essentials. Everyone was able to engage in conversation with friends, and fathers had time to catch up. But most importantly, quality time was spent with fathers and its an event that will always be remembered and cherished by many. This event highlights the importance of making time for those that you love and to be able to honor our fathers who do so much for us every day, and will continue to support and love us through thick and thin.

Megan Doyle, from the class of 2023 expressed how she felt about the experience and said, “My father is such an important part of the reason I am the person I am today. Time with him is always so special and I’m so glad that we were able to enjoy this meal and Mass together surrounded by friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.”