Mother-Daughter Liturgy

The mother-daughter liturgy is a tradition that occurs each year at Sacred Heart Academy. Students from SHA are invited to attend a morning mass alongside their mothers, followed by a brunch at Cascade. Cascade is a popular event location and provided delicious food that everyone enjoyed. Everybody found something of their liking, and everyone gathered around the buffet. Students were able to choose their seats with friends and their mothers and got to catch up over this meal. In addition, mothers and their daughters were given the option to have a professional photograph taken by the photographer on site. These were given out to the students shortly after their attendance, thanks to Impression Studio.

Leading up to the brunch, students and their mothers attended mass in the Sacred Heart Chapel at 9 am. Student volunteers worked as altar servers, readers, and singers, as well as helped to hand out programs. This allowed for a smooth-running mass. The mass went extremely well, and the music received many compliments from the guests in attendance. Many joined in when there was singing, and this made the mass more enjoyable for all. Music brings the mass to life.

After missing the previous year, due to COVID, it was nice to get this tradition up and running again. Mothers look forwards to this mass each year and spending time with their daughters at this well-organized liturgy and brunch. Many are looking forward to next year, as we welcome the new freshman class into this tradition.