Holly Berry Festival 2021

Sacred Heart Academy’s annual Holly Berry Festival took place November 19th and 20th in the school gym and cafeteria. Vendors gathered from several areas nearby, to sell homemade items and goods. Many of these items included foods that were made by the sisters. The event’s proceeds benefited the retired sisters, and was held by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Raffle baskets were also available, providing the opportunity to win several varieties of products and gift cards. One could buy tickets and be put in the drawing for their favorite basket! This was a favorite of those who visited the fair.

The Holly Berry Festival was for those of all ages, and interests. From toys and crafts for the little ones, to cutting boards, and cookbooks for parents, everyone was sure to find something that interested them. The festival was a great way to get started on holiday gifts and/or decorations, and got everyone into the holiday spirit! Santa also had a guest appearance for pictures with the little ones! Everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the festival and was sure to leave with a variety of goods. This included food served in the cafeteria! After wandering the various vendors, guests had the opportunity to buy food from the kitchen, prepared by the sisters. Several grinders and pasta options were available, and the food went quickly. Everyone wanted a taste of the sisters famous cooking.

Sacred Heart Academy’s Holly Berry Festival brought back the festive joy that we missed last year. Everyone was able to gather and shop for crafts that not only satisfied their seasonal taste, but items that would be useful all year round. For example, knitted items for the winter were available for the cold weather, as well as items such as rings, or paintings that could be used as decorations all year were sold. The many booths brought holiday joy to those who walked by, especially the hot coco bar items! This was an example of a favorite of the students, and brought to life the winter season that was arriving.

Overall, the Holly Berry Festival was successful in brining in the holiday spirit to all those who visited. Guests were struck with amazing booths, and the turnout was better than could have been expected. Everyone is looking forward to next years festival and the items that will be brought to the table!