SHA Campus Ministry Begins!


As the 2021-2022 school year unfolds, Sacred Heart Academy’s Campus Ministry is ready to serve the SHA community and beyond once again! Sr. Allison Masserano, Mrs. Kathleen Welch, and Miss Laura Young, who lead Campus Ministry and work with its members, describe that the purpose of this organization is for students and staff to work together as a community of faith, serving others and one another in ways that bring people closer to God.

Campus Ministry contains a variety of groups within itself, each focusing on a unique aspect of service: Local Outreach Club, Clelia’s Cucina, Respect for Life Club, and altar serving. Local Outreach Club is focused on serving nearby organizations through numerous community service activities. Members of Clelia’s Cucina come together in the school cafeteria to prepare meals for the homeless and the hungry. Respect for Life Club mainly revolves around the care of the less fortunate and the needy, defending these people’s rights to a fulfilling life. Altar serving is also available to students who would like to do so during school liturgies and prayer services. Additional information like this containing what Campus Ministry has to offer can be accessed using the SHA website.

The upcoming work of these hardworking and admirably dedicated Campus Ministry groups is certainly anticipated by numerous students, faculty and staff members, as well as those part of Campus Ministry itself. Describing the student members of Campus Ministry, Sr. Allison remarks, “I think they are really exceptional women, and they bring a lot of ideas and depth to the things we do.”

Mrs. Welch expresses how she is looking forward to Campus Ministry’s service outreach into the community as a high school. She describes how Campus Ministry is already working with an elementary school, All Saints Catholic Academy, as well as Sunrise Cafe, which are both located in New Haven. Mrs. Welch states that Campus Ministry is also planning to get involved in more areas. Miss Young says that she is most anticipating “the wide range of ways that the students and staff can grow in faith by loving and serving others.”

Campus Ministry is open to anyone who is interested in joining. Sr. Allison, Mrs. Welch, and Miss Young strongly encourage any student who is eager to become a member of Campus Ministry to inquire with one of them through email or through visiting the Campus Ministry office.

As shown through the responses of Sr. Allison, Mrs. Welch, and Miss Young, Campus Ministry is a wonderful way to participate in various service opportunities alongside familiar faces from SHA. An especially meaningful attribute of Campus Ministry is how spiritually rewarding it can feel to assist in activities that benefit others. It is a place where the talents and skills of its members work in harmony as one. Campus Ministry is not just a club – it is a community working toward the same goals: to spread the generosity of God, to serve with compassion, and to act with care for the good of all.