SHA Senior Week!

As the Class of 2023 neared their last day of high school, excitement was running high. Senior Week was full of energy as the seniors pulled pranks, ran the halls, and celebrated their hard work. 

Senior Prank

SHA’s class of 2023 caught everyone by surprise when they welcomed us to school on the morning of May 10th. After camping out on the hill, the seniors gave a spirited morning greeting involving cheering, dancing, Spikeball, and tents to students as they were dropped off. After cleaning up their campsite on the hill, the seniors wore their pajamas for the rest of the day.  

Top 5 Announcement 

After four years of hard work, the five highest academically ranked students were named at an assembly on May 17. Alyssa Norton (5th), Emma Kirck (4th), Yaritza Zecua-Herrera (3rd), Kristina Ponzio (Salutatorian), and Maeve McConnell (Valedictorian) were named the top five students in the Class of 2023, and were given the honors of speaking at the Honors Convocation, Baccalaureate Mass, and Graduation.  

The Run of the Seniors 

SHA’s Class of 2023 closed out their high school careers with the long-awaited tradition of running the halls in decorated uniforms. As the underclassmen cheered them on, the seniors represented their chosen colleges with logos and school colors painted on their white polos. Some seniors rode skateboards through the hall, while others ran with speakers in hand. The run concluded in the café, where faculty announced that Class of 2023 was dismissed.