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Club Spotlight: SHA Campus Ministry


As you know, here at SHA we love giving back to our community. Most of our acts of service are done through our Campus Ministry club! Campus ministry is a peer ministry outreach club that betters the school community. It does this by promoting a “Culture of Christian Service.”  Campus ministry is branched out into Clelia Cucina, Local outreach, Sister -to -Sister, Respect 4 Life, Faith Life, and Communications. Any branch of this club is open to anyone who wants to join, although, if you are looking to be on the Campus ministry board you do have to apply. Leadership positions range from having the responsibility of being club president to being a part of the core committee team. On the core committee you get to gain leadership experience by providing support to the president and assisting with organizing club meetings and activities.  The club presidents of each branch meet once a month before school to plan and discuss events. Let’s now get a closer look at each branch!

Clelia Cucina meets monthly after school in the café for about 30 minutes. Here you will find girls placing snacks into bags that will then be given to the local homeless shelter. Sometimes, the girls can be found making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that will be placed in the bags of food. You can participate in Clelia Cucina just by purchasing any of the food items listed on the amazon shopping list. The list gets sent out in your email when they need a restock on donations!

Up next is Local Outreach. Local outreach gets together and constructs crafts for the All Saints catholic Academy elementary school in Bridgeport, CT. Crafts can range from bracelet making supplies, to cutting up supplies for a fun cat and a hat plate! Directions for every activity are given when the craft bags get dropped off by our very own SHA girls.

As you may know, we have a manor on our campus. The SHA manor holds elderly and retired nuns. Sister-to-Sister is something special to SHA. At monthly meetings, the members of this club walk down to the manor and form friendships with the Sisters’. They engage in fun board games and activities with them.

Now we have Respect 4 life club. In this club girls look at respecting all parts of life. They do this by participating in and donating to a wide variety of charities. Charities range from cancer awareness, where they hosted a pink dress down in order to raise money for it. All the way to hosting baby showers and collecting donations for a women’s’ shelter. These girls advocate spreading information on important world-wide topics such as the death penalty.

In the Faith life branch, girls come together by their common ideals for their faith. They partake in faith based activities and encourage others to deeply look into their faith.


Lastly, the communications branch plays an important role in the representation of Campus Ministry as a whole. The members of this club create the monthly stall news, providing information about each branch and their upcoming activities. The communication branch also run the SHA Campus Ministry Instagram!


All these branches are always actively taking members throughout the school year! So, if any of these branch’s sound like the right fit for you, make sure you stop by the Campus Ministry office. Which is on the second floor right across from the mini chapel.

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