Mini Spirit Week 2021

Twin Day

STUCO’s mini spirit week started the school year off with a bang the week of September 20th to the 24th, 2021. Mini spirit week consists of different games and activities during break, half and full-dress downs, and a pep rally to close it out. Mini spirit week gives you a taste of what spirit week will be like. The activities included Speed Draw/Pictionary Monday, Minute to Win It Tuesday, Toilet Paper Mummy Wednesday, and Hula Hoop Challenge Thursday.

Monday through Wednesday, students were able to forgo their usual uniform shirts and socks, but still needed to wear their kilts. On Monday, it was Twin Day where you could match your shirt and socks to a friend or group. Tuesday was jersey day where you could wear a jersey of your choosing to show your support. Wednesday’s theme was neon where students wore vivid colors to brighten up the school day. Thursday was holiday day where students could show some love for their favorite holiday and bring some festive cheer. Lastly, Friday was a full dress where you could wear red and white to show some school spirit.

Unfortunately on Friday there was no pep-rally, but it was pushed to Friday, October 8th. It was a great success and so much spirit was shown. The pep-rally showcased SHA’s amazing sport’s teams accomplishments and gave us some insight into how their seasons are going, along with upcoming events. There was cheering, free t-shirts being thrown into the crowd, noisemakers handed out, and an immense amount of class unity. The pep-rally came to a close with the help of a game of musical chairs. In the end, senior Juliana Criscola took the win for the class of 2022. Although some grades were frustrated with the lack of rule following, it was still a great game nonetheless.

Alyssa Norton of the junior class said, “Mini spirit week really brings the classes together and prepares us for spirit week.” Mini spirit week promotes class unity and helps show freshman what SHA is all about. It helps bring them into our community and get comfortable in being a part of our sisterhood.