Club Spotlight: The Visual Arts Club

Here at Sacred Heart Academy, there are many outlets for students to engage in activities that they are interested in. The orchestra, choir, and drama guild, are available for students who enjoys playing music, singing, or performing, and there are many sports that students can try out for during the fall, winter, and spring, if athletics are something they want to do. The same can be said for the Visual Arts Club at SHA, which is a club filled with students who enjoy creating art, as well as students who want to give it a try. The current club officers are Amanda Kanlong and Lily Anderson, who are co-presidents of the club, as well as Annemary Ummacheril, who is the vice-president. Meetings are held on Fridays once or twice a month, and the environment is extremely welcoming and inviting.

When members arrive for meetings, they can start new projects, or work on existing ones, with any medium of art they choose. These mediums include things like watercolors, oil pastels, traditional pencils, and many more. There is something available for everyone. The club also plays music for everyone to enjoy while they work on their art. Every month, there are also specific themes that members are welcome to create art for. One of the previous themes was “New Beginnings”, and there are many more themes to come as the year goes on.

The members are also able to submit any of their artwork to SHA’s literary and artwork magazine PRISM, which is a good way for anyone who is interested in doing so, to show off their hard work to the school.

Attending meetings is also a good way to calm down after school. Everyone knows how stressful school can be, with the large workload, as well as deadlines to meet. But when the members meet after school to create art, listen to music, and talk with friends, they can relax and take a break from the pressures of the day. This isn’t an exclusive club, so you don’t have to be a member to be able to attend any of the meetings. If any student wants to attend a meeting, the Visual Arts Club will welcome them with open arms. When asked about why she believed the Visual Arts club was a good one for students to join, club president Lily Anderson had this to say: “I think it’s a good club to join because it’s a fun and open club for all that’s low commitment where you can make what you want and just create!” What Lily Anderson said exemplifies the spirit of the Visual Arts Club: being able to create whatever you want, with whatever you want, while having fun and not worrying about specific guidelines to follow. Overall, being involved with the Visual Arts Cub is a good way for the students at SHA to express their creativity and support their fellow artists at the same time.