SHA Class of 2023 College Announcements

Early decision and early action college acceptances are starting to be announced, and that means some of our seniors are making the decision on where they will be spending the next 4 years of their lives. Our seniors have been accepted to schools like Northeastern University, Clemson University, the University of Tampa, and so many others! We have had a few commit to their school, including Alyssa Norton, Emma Kirck, Kristina Ponzio, Sophia Mastriano, Chloe Oraa, Juliana Garcia, and Daniela Bejleri. Here’s a closer look at a few:

Sophia Mastriano will be attending the University of Tampa, located in Tampa Bay, Florida. UTampa is known for their beautiful campus as well as being a great academic environment. We asked Sophia why she decided to go to UTampa, and she said, “I chose to attend the University of Tampa for many reasons, one being the warm weather and palm trees spread throughout the campus! UT offers many good opportunities for internships while being an undergraduate student, as well as many opportunities to get a job after college! I look forward to the warm weather!”

Alyssa Norton is headed to Ithaca, New York and will be pursuing an engineering degree at Cornell University. Cornell is an Ivy League school with a stunning campus. Alyssa said she chose Cornell because “it had everything I was looking for in a school. It has a beautiful campus with a strong community atmosphere and offers many options for my major.”

Daniela Bejleri is staying close to home, and will be a student at Boston College next fall! Boston College is an amazing academic school with a campus near the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Daniela says, “A gut feeling directed me towards BC, I was in between a lot of different schools and had not entered the admissions process with a “dream school”. Something kept bringing me back to this school, though: it was great for my major, had my ideal location, and overall seemed like a great atmosphere to spend the next four!” She will be majoring in finance, while following a pre-law track!

We are so proud of these seniors and wish all the others good luck in the regular decision cycle!