What Should You Be Doing To Get Ready For Prom?

One of the most exciting nights of the year is quickly approaching for the upperclassmen at SHA. Prom night! With prom right around the corner students are anticipating a night full of dancing, food, and time to bond with their class.  Whether you are a junior or a senior, prom is one of those unforgettable nights one holds with them forever, but how exactly does one prepare for prom?

First, figuring out one’s budget is a practical start. Creating a budget helps you to figure out how you can organize your essentials for prom in a realistic manner. Create a budget that you feel you can easily work with, without becoming overwhelmed. Prom is full of excitement, as should your planning process be too!

To start, the outfit is likely the most important item one needs for prom. For most people, the outfit they select for prom can take up most of their budget. Renting an outfit can keep down the cost without having to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes or, you can borrow an outfit from a friend or family member. Whether you wear a dress or suit, make sure to find something you like and will feel comfortable in! Popular boutiques in Connecticut such as Windsor, Dynamite Designs, or Atiana’s boutique have that special outfit that caters to every style. Though if you cannot take the time to shop in-store, online businesses such as Lulu’s, Lucy in the Sky, or Windsor provide a variety of dresses as well that sort by style, color, and budget. Moreover, make sure that your outfit fits your budget! If you do not feel comfortable spending so much on a dress or suit, places such as Macy’s and Nordstrom provide eye-catching pieces for under two hundred dollars. An outfit, however, is incomplete without accessories. Jewelry can be a great way to let your clothing stand out and take your look from casual to elegant in a matter of seconds. Aside from the suit or dress itself, shoes can play a large part in your final look. Of course, make sure it matches your ensemble and you are comfortable in them.  Overall, the outfit can be one’s keepsake from a special night, so make sure that the outfit is special. If it does not fit who you are, it may influence the way you feel when you look back.

After situating an outfit, the next part in preparation for prom might be how to style your hair and do your makeup. You may find yourself asking questions such as, “Do I want to go simple or do a bold look?” Hair and makeup can showcase one’s personality or allow them to step out of their comfort zone with looks they could have been too afraid to try. You may choose to get your hair or makeup done professionally or do it yourself.  You can figure out the look that best works for yourself and practice it before the big night! However, having makeup and hair done is not everything, but rather feeling beautiful and secure in the way you look for the big day. Whether you decide to go big or go simple, beauty is more than the exterior!

For most teens, the biggest stressor in readying themselves for prom is figuring out who they are going to take as their date. Though there is no pressure to acquire a date because prom can be way more enjoyable with friends or someone you feel comfortable with! Date or no date though, prom is a stress-free night with your class.

In the end, SHA Prom is an unforgettable night and a chance to be with your entire class! Having all the essentials for prom helps you to have an amazing night, but stay true to yourself! If you are picking an outfit, doing your hair and makeup, or scrambling to get a date that does not fit who you are, you may just lose the authentic experience prom offers. Most importantly, make sure that you are making choices you are comfortable with to decrease the amount of stress you are putting on yourself as prom nears.  Nevertheless, like any event at SHA, Prom is one for the books and you can make memories that last a lifetime!