Meet Mr. Shvartsman

This school year at Sacred Heart Academy we were happy to welcome several new teachers to our faculty and community. Teaching AP and CP Psychology as well as English 3 is our new addition to the SHA family, Mr. Shvartsman. A native of Bethel, Connecticut, Mr. Shvartsman also known as Mr. S says the small town along with his family who raised him heavily impacted his work ethic. He believes that “As long as you work hard and apply yourself you will succeed, and you will also be happy doing it.” Mr. S himself notes how he was happy to work a variety of jobs, whether it be in construction or education, and how his work ethic helped him maintain a positive mindset throughout them all. 

Coming from a mixed background, Mr. S is proud of his Brazilian and Russian heritage. As a first generation American, he holds on to family traditions and highly values his ethnicity which he says has “Molded and shaped me over the years.” During his time as an adolescent, Mr. S spent many hours playing hockey or fishing. He even spent time volunteering at a fire department. These are several hobbies and activities that Mr. S incorporates into his life today. 

Mr. S attended Western Connecticut State University and originally believed he wanted to be in the medical field. After a year and a half he realized he disliked the courses and the content. As a result, he switched his major in order to receive a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and History, ultimately pushing him to become an educator. With this experience, Mr. S has taught in a variety of schools within the last four years which he believes contributes to his ability to be a well rounded educator. 

After seeing a job opening here at SHA, Mr. S came in for his interview in which he knew he felt the position and the school was right for him. “I believe that SHA holds the same standards in education that I do” says Mr. S, reflecting on his choice to dedicate his time to the SHA community. While Mr. S enjoys the actual act of teaching as well as the enthusiasm of students interested in the material, there are also some difficulties that accompany his transition to the new school. He recognizes that some of these difficulties include the pressure to perform in a new environment and to learn all of the policies and expectations. However, Mr. S notes that the staff have been extremely helpful and welcoming, as well as fun during his time here. At the end of the day, Mr. S is passionate about his role in education and isn’t afraid to admit his least favorite part of the job is grading!

Throughout COVID, Mr. S is grateful for the opportunity to still provide means of schooling for his students and doesn’t report any major changes to his teaching or lifestyle besides wearing masks and distance learning. If there was one thing he could change about school it would be switching 80 minute periods into 45 minutes periods which many students and teachers can probably relate to. His goals for being at SHA are to spend quality time here and to become part of the SHA family. He advises students “No matter how much you hate school, get good grades so that when you graduate you have options. Do what you love no matter what anyone thinks.” 

Describing himself as funny, driven, and relaxed, Mr. S is certainly a positive addition to the SHA community and we are beyond thankful and excited for his presence here at the school. While there is so much to learn about the new teachers here at SHA, hopefully this can bring a little insight into the individuals administration chooses to further the success and engagement of our school. In his final words, Mr. S leaves students with the notion to “Enjoy everything you do, it is a lot easier to find the bad than it is the good. I always try and find the good and it makes everything more fun.” 

Welcome to SHA Mr. Shvartsman!