The Ultimate Guide to SHA Clubs

It is the beginning of the school year and it’s time to start joining some of SHA’s sublime clubs. There is a wide variety to choose from, and there is something for everyone. You can explore new interests and expand your horizons to see what you enjoy. Here is some information about the diverse selection of clubs at SHA.

To start there are open membership clubs. There are language clubs that explore Chinese, Hispanic, and French culture. You do not need to know the language to attend. The moderator of Chinese Club is Mrs. Tan, and moderators of French Club are Madame Levallois and Dr. Barreira, and the moderators of Spanish club are Dr. Martinez and Mrs. Nunez.

For anyone interested in being involved in the school community and bettering it, there is Excelsior Club. This is for people who want to represent SHA and its best qualities. If you want to give school tours and help with incoming freshman and transfers, this is the club for you. Mrs. Redente and Mrs. Raccio are the moderators.

For those who want to participate in school spirit, SHArk club is perfect for you. You will organize school activities and rallies to promote spirit within the SHA community. The moderators are Mrs. Patel and Mr. Marcello.

If you would like to be involved in promoting diversity and equality, along with awareness within our community, then SHAdes of SHA is the place for discussion and understanding. The moderators are Ms. Papa and Dr. Martinez.

For anyone who wants to pursue writing and enjoys art, then you should try the Clelian (yearbook). It is perfect for people who want to take part in preserving our years at SHA and our best moments, along with giving experience to aspiring journalists. Mr. Bradley runs yearbook and its staff.

Prism is our literary and art magazine where you will take part in piecing it together through submissions from fellow students. Ms. Halloran and Ms. Hayes are the co-moderators.

Come join us here at Alethea (our school newspaper) if you want writing and research experience where you can express your opinion, and those of our student body. Mrs. Badore and Mrs. McGowan are the co-moderators.

If you would like to try something pertaining to visual arts and film, there is Anime Club which is moderated by Mrs. Boucher. Here you will watch Anime and discuss Japanese culture along with the history of Anime itself.

There is Visual Arts Club run by Mrs. DelVecchio. This is for artists and photographers looking to further their craft. Film Study Club moderated by Ms. Papa is where you can watch and share your thoughts on film with your peers.

If you would like to further your faith and be involved in our school as well, Campus Ministry and Charism connection is the place to be. This is where you can promote Christian service, and where everyone is accepted, even parents. The campus ministry office runs this club.

Sister to Sister is a club where you can head down to the Sacred Heart Manor and visit the retired sisters and understand what they still have to offer us students. One visit means so much to them. Sr. Elizabeth is the moderator of this club.

If you want to gain experience in politics, then Model UN (united nations) is the club to join. This is a highly interactive club run by Mrs. Allen which mimics the current united nations. Here you can address global issues while meeting new people from around the world.

Moderated by Mr. Marques, Modern Political Issues Club is a club where you can express your opinion on issues happening in our world today. If you are interested in a career in Medicine, you should try out Medical Researchers Club. You can learn the basic skills and make diagnoses’. This club gives you a taste of what it would be like to work in the medical field. Mr. Swan moderates this club.

Pro-life club is where you can support life and its value. Whether this is the unborn, young, or elderly, you can support living in a Christian way and respect life.

For anyone who wants to better their academics, specifically Math, join Math League. Here you can compete in New England Math League and AMC –12- tests, along with gaining confidence in your scientific and mathematical abilities. This is moderated by Mrs. Jamil and Dr. Romanova.

If you are interested in entertainment, try Drama Club where you can take part in a production and gain experience as a director, actor, or even in technical work. This is run by Mrs. Delaney.

For singers and people interested in music, you should definitely try SHA Singers and Handbell Choir, run by Mrs. Mehinovic.

Lastly, if you are interested in doing something just for fun, Earth club is great for people who want to raise awareness of environmental issues and who want to inspire change. This is moderated by Mrs. Saukas and Ms. Ufomaduh.

Classics Club is where you can explore your interest in Greek and Roman culture. This is run by Dr. Kapteyn.

Wellness club is for anyone who wants to appreciate and take better care of themselves. This new club is moderated by Mr. Marques.

Ski Club is a recreational club outside of school for anyone who wants to take day trips to ski in the mountains. Mrs. Alexander and Mr. Swan run this club. That concludes our open membership clubs.

For selective/elective clubs there are honors societies such as National Honors Society, Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta), Science National Honors Society, and Spanish National Honors Society. These are all for students who excel in their academics or specific subjects and accomplish much in and outside of school.

There is Peer Connection which is for students who wish to help people who are struggling and incoming freshman.

Furthermore, Student Council is for anyone who wishes to be involved in school decisions and gain leadership experience. You must be elected by your fellow students to participate.

Finally, there is Orchestra, Chamber Choir, and Honors Chamber Choir, where instrumentalists and aspiring singers can nurture their craft through rehearsals and performance.

It is so important to be involved in our community and put yourself out of your comfort zone. You should start thinking of joining clubs for your college careers and engage in something you are passionate about.

Clubs are a great way to make connections with people you never thought you would and create memories with your friends. It’s also a way of furthering your academics and helping your community. Clubs are also a great way to experience leadership and responsibility and express your opinions in a safe environment. Joining a club is a great experience overall and everyone should join one to have a bigger role in our wonderful SHA community.

For more information on clubs go to, click on the Student Life tab, and then Clubs and Organizations.