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Freshman Commissioning

Freshmen Class of 2021 Commissioning.

Freshmen Class of 2021 Commissioning.

Freshmen Class of 2021 Commissioning.

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Freshmen Class of 2021 Commissioning.

As you walk up the chapel aisle, you feel very nervous. Your stomach is uneasy and your hands are clammy. At once,  you become calm as your eyes fall upon the shiny, silver pin with the school logo and the bright red lettering spelling out “Sacred Heart Academy.” Your heart soars at the sight; you feel as though you’re on cloud nine. Then finally, it is in your hand. You have become an official member of the Sacred Heart community. You think to yourself, “This is one of the best things I can ever receive,” and ‘” I did it! I worked hard enough to get here.” Just like that, your dreams of coming to SHA have become your reality. You feel proud and you can’t help the smile growing on your face.

Recently, our newest members of the SHA community, the class of 2021, got to experience the loving feeling that we all had when we were freshmen.

Freshman Commissioning is the ceremony in which we welcome our new sisters into the SHA community. Our school community is proud to welcome these bright, young ladies.

Being accepted into Sacred Heart Academy is a quite the honor. Personally, I believe that the Freshman Commissioning ceremony is one of the best parts about freshman year and even possibly one of the best events you will attend throughout your four years here. Sacred Heart Academy is a very welcoming place and on that special day, you truly feel all the love this school has to offer.

Congratulations, girls! We are very proud of you!


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Freshman Commissioning