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Fall Dance Not So Fun?

Juliette St. George

October 18, 2019

Fall Dance Not So Fun? Stress is a very common theme for the students of SHA. Between sports, homework, and tests, SHA girls are constantly in action. As school starts, students are not only preparing for the upcoming academi...

SHA Loves the Planet – and How We Show it

Abbey Parente, Staff Writer

May 10, 2019

Since Earth Day recently passed, a tree was planted in memory of Sister Mary Jane, ASCJ, and an Earth Club was started this year, it seems opportune to notice how Sacred Heart Academy does its part to honor our planet. The ...

Results From School-Wide Survey (This is Jeopardy!)

March 15, 2019

This edition's survey was meant to simulate a mini Jeopardy tournament, in honor of its host Alex Trebek, who recently announced his battle against stage four pancreatic cancer. In general, I think Trebek would have been pret...

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Gillian Murray, Writer

December 15, 2018

As Thanksgiving approached, people began to feel more thankful for the little things in life. It did not matter if you had a lot or a little to be grateful for because no matter what, this holiday is about making other peo...

Results From School Wide Survey (So You Think You Know SHA?)

Amanda Savona, Head Editor

October 25, 2018

To start off the new school year, we decided to test students' knowledge of SHA in this edition's survey. In general, the average score for this survey was 78%, which equates to answering 7.8 out of the 10 questions being an...

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

Swathi Jacob, Staff Writer

May 12, 2018

On the morning of prom, most girls would go to the salon to get their hair and makeup done, but that was not the case for thirteen SHA students. These ladies got up in the morning, some doing their hair and makeup before the competition, and he...

The Purpose of May Crowning

Gillian Murray, Staff Writer

May 12, 2018

May is the month when we crown our Mother, Mary. We dedicate this month to Mary and it is a time to remember and embrace how inspiring she was.  Mary was sinless, pure, and perfect. She is a great role model for everyone. She was not only a perfect follower o...

Salt Instead of Sugar

Keely Greiner, Staff Writer

October 13, 2017

Something that I find kind of funny about my generation is how we communicate. We praise "saltiness" and brutal honesty, and readily admit to having done less-than-admirable things with a simple "me" or "same," even for the most ...

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