SHA Celebrates Read Across America Day


Many of us enjoy the experience of browsing a book store and getting a new book – the crispness of the pages, the excitement of a new story, and the sense of unraveling what feels like a new experience as a reader. March 2nd marks Read Across America Day, encouraging children around the world to develop a love for reading. Read Across America Day is not only a day for us to celebrate our own abilities and interests in reading, but also to help those around us to foster a love for literature as well. How can we do this for children on Read Across America Day? Sacred Heart Academy is here to help!

SHA’s Read Across America Day Book Drive

Until Wednesday, March 1st, Sacred Heart Academy’s National Honor Society will be hosting a book drive to support the library at All Saints Catholic Academy in New Haven. All of the SHA community is encouraged to donate new books to this book drive for ages K-8.

On Thursday, March 2nd, National Honor Society will be visiting All Saints Catholic Academy to interact with the students for Read Across America Day, with a particular focus on what this day is all about: the joy of a great book.

A Competitive Twist

SHA is putting a spin on this book drive by making it a competition between the four houses (House Citrine, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Emerald) on which house can donate the most books to this drive. The house that donates the highest number of books to this book drive will earn 500 points!

Care from a Community

If you are able to donate a new book to this book drive, please consider putting in a small portion of your time and effort to bring in a book (or even more than one) and donate it to this book drive. The area to place your donations is easily accessible in the waiting area to the left of the main office. There are bins labeled for each house, and you can place your book(s) in the bin that corresponds to you.

Remember that your donation will help support the library of a nearby school. Your donation will not go to waste – each book we donate as a SHA community is one more opportunity for a child to learn, to develop their reading comprehension skills, and to grow their interest in literature. These children will greatly appreciate the books you have to offer, and every donation makes a difference. For all you know, your donation might be a child’s new favorite book!