the Return of SHAcast

Calling all podcast fans from true crime to pop culture, Sacred Heart’s very own Alethea club is launching its new podcast: The SHAcast. Our team is positive all SHA enthusiasts will love the funny and creative energy brought into the podcast. Our hope for the SHAcast is to provide another source for faculty and students to receive news on all things SHA in a comedic manner. This year’s podcast is run by senior anchors, Imani Okech and Megan Rosario and produced by fellow senior, Celia Abbott, and sophomore Chloe Retuya. We hope to use the podcast as a creative outlet to show a side of SHA away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday classes. Tune in throughout the school year for updates on SHA activities and fun segments. We’re hoping to launch the first episode in late October with Halloween hot takes and a questionnaire to get to know the team better!  Speaking to senior Carmella Roberts about the podcast she said,  “ I am super excited for the new podcast and excited to see what the podcast has in store”. To find all of our podcasts, check out our Spotify and our Instagram @shacast2022 for more interviews and annoucements!