It was spooky season at Sacred Heart Academy on October 29th, 2021, and the students came prepared! SHAlloween was filled with many different exciting costume ideas. This includes most of the senior class coming to school dressed as Adam Sandler, the yearbooks, the grandmas, the traffic cones, construction workers, and even toddlers in tiaras.

The day began with many STUCO officers rushing to put finishing touches on their classes bench outside the front offices to be judged later in the day. This competition resulted in a blowout win from the freshman class, earning them a coveted dress-down day.

As the day went on, the students noticed a trend within the faculty and teaching staff. The entire group pulled a freaky Friday! All the SHA staff were dressed up as their colleagues, with props and wigs to sell the looks.

One of the great group costumes was the sophomore girls that dressed up as grandmas. A few of the girls that were in this group are Elizabeth Haag, Julia Haag, Ayva Caruso, Lia Hey, and multiple other girls from the class of 2024.

To wrap things up, SHAlloween this year was a raging success with great entertainment, costumes, and competition. Ultimately, the best student costumes were the yearbooks and the construction workers/traffic cones. Surely, the SHA student body awaits the next opportunity to celebrate Halloween at Sacred Heart.