Meet A New Teacher: Mr. Christie!

This year our English department gained a new member, Mr. Christie who teaches British Literature to the enthusiastic students of SHA! After looking for a change in careers from a professor at Quinnipiac University in New Haven, Mr. Christie saw himself teaching literature and with his credentials specifically a private school. After working with the Fairfield Teacher’s Agency, he found himself landed here at our beloved SHA which happened to be just what he was looking for.

He provides an accurate and helpful outlook on what it is like to be a first-year student in college. His class presents tools for students to be capable of what will be demanded of them in college English classes and the types of challenges they might encounter. His favorite subject to teach is British Literature in which he feels the most at home and what he received his master’s degree in. In keeping with the theme of British Lit. his favorite book, though tough to narrow down, is The Collected Works of Keats by John Keats who rightly so, is his favorite poet.

Mr. Christie describes his time so far at SHA as “lovely” and enjoys the SHA community, observing that us SHA students are a lot more engaged than his college students ever were. Although he unfortunately missed out on this year’s SHA musical, Holiday Inn, his new goal is getting to next year’s as well as any future events this year.

Mr. Christie has a particularly nuanced taste in movies considering his favorite movie is The Holy Mountain (a known cult classic) directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. His favorite color is sea green to which he was rather sure of himself, and his favorite new TV series is Loki. Outside of school, his favorite hobby is playing video games. Mr. Christie strives to help his students reach their fullest potential which makes him a great new addition to SHA!