Celebrating our Sophomores!


Sacred Heart is notorious for our traditions. In late January, yet another tradition was fulfilled: The Sophomore Celebration. Every year, the sophomore student council organizes a fun get-together for the students within their class to celebrate the year thus far.

With the coronavirus still present, the Sophomore celebration may have looked a little different compared to other years. Nonetheless, it was still an amazing way for the students to get together. A myriad of events took place during the celebration, including sophomore superlatives, a fun video of the students, snacks, and a playlist that many contributed to!

A week before the celebration took place, the students took a survey about superlatives within the Class of 2023. The student with the most vote for each superlative was then rewarded a gift card and their name announced at the celebration. These winners were Imani Okech (most likely to become president), Zara Tariq (most likely to be found studying), Emma Kirck (most likely to come back and work at SHA), Sophia Lamvol (most likely to travel around the world), Grace Gogliettino (most likely to have their art hung in a museum), Candace Lavache (most likely to dance on stage at graduation), Sophia Mastriano (most likely to be a celebrity), and Abby Moran (most likely to brighten your day).

Snacks like ice cream, candies, and chips were served and the playlist of songs ranged from 2000s pop hits to modern pop like Harry Styles or One Direction. Although, this was an in-person event, the sophomores online were still able to attend as a Teams meeting was held for them to experience the fun!

Not only was this event joyful, but the Sophomore StuCo also had a pleasure planning this! Sophomore Class President, Sophia Mastriano said “This event had been in the works for about 2 to 3 months. It definitely took a lot of organization, but it was worth it! Planning it with my fellow class officers was easy since all of them are so hard-working and efficient!” Mastriano also includes that having a team that supports her and helps her, makes it easy to give the Class of 2023 a fun-filled year!

Mastriano includes that “Each individual makes our class unique and special which I find a pleasure to a part of. I am so proud of everything we have done this year, from adapting to the circumstances and working their absolute hardest over the past semester!”        The Class of 2023 brings a diverse set of assets to the table ranging from dancers, musicians, athletes, artists, and many more. Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on an amazing year thus far!