Approaching the Finish Line

With midterms over and a new semester commenced, a clean slate is the start of the road to success. To do the best of your ability this semester you must have a clear-mindset and leave last semester’s struggles in the past. Time management is the most important way to stay on track. Depending on the difficulty or your schedule try your best to develop a suitable routine for you. Whether that’s taking small break’s in-between to stay focused, or starting with your shortest assignment and going from there. To stay consistent and stay on track to your goal, you need to take every assignment seriously. Homework assignment’s are just as important as any quiz or test, and can even be your average’s saving grace by keeping it up. Putting in the effort is key no matter how small or big the task is.

Utilizing class time and taking effective notes will save you immense time when it’s time to study concepts for a test. If you are engaged during class time and really apply yourself you will save so much time when studying if you already feel confident to some extent in the lesson. It’s always best to learn rather then just memorizing. If you truly understand something it will be much harder to forget and can be applied to different situations during the test so you are the most prepared you can possibly be.

A valuable resource that is often taken for granted is asking a teacher for help. There is no shame in wanting to better yourself and have the best chance possible to achieve the highest grade you can. If you are struggling with anything teacher’s are at your disposal and would be more then happy to help. Not to mention they are the best resources when reviewing since it will be questions they make on the test and it’s best to get feedback from their perspective.

Procrastination, everyone’s greatest enemy,  is most likely a huge reason that you are stressed. We are all guilty of it, some more then others. But we are our own worst enemies, it is our choice whether we power through, or wait until the last minute. If you thrive under pressure maybe that’s the way to go for you, but the usual case is when you have more time then mistakes are much less likely to be an issue.

If midterms were a serious struggle for you this school year, make sure to find the source of that issue this semester in preparation for finals. A common theme is learning and then forgetting, or rather memorizing. When the end of this school year comes around and you’re panicking because you have to re-learn topics that were already hard enough to learn in the first place, you will have wished that you kept up with every unit. Try to practice as much as possible and prioritize your academics. Amidst these unnerving times it is understandable that you may be having trouble keeping up in school. All you can do is try your best and it will likely pay off in the end.