How to Celebrate the Holidays Safely

Covid-19 has affected our lives heavily, and celebrating the upcoming holidays poses serious health threats. Many people are not comfortable with traveling and seeing family members during this time. Many feel the safest and most responsible route is to stay in with immediate family during this holiday season. But if you are concerned about missing out on annual traditions and quality time with your family, there are some safe ways to consider.

The lowest risk of spreading or catching Covid-19 is utilizing technology. This can be done by setting up virtual meetings as the best way to keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe. If you are set on in-person interaction, which is understandable after being isolated for so long, then keep the gathering as small as possible. Depending on the family masks during the gathering may be an option. People coming from different households should try their best to stay six feet apart. To be extra cautious you can get tested before the gathering to be sure that you are not infected. If you have any serious health concerns or illness, then you should steer clear of in-person gatherings as much as possible. Postponing travel is the safest way to prevent getting Covid-19 and decrease the spread.

Location is important when it comes to decreasing the chances of spreading Covid-19. If weather permits, try your best to incorporate the outdoors into the celebration. If that is not possible, then be sure you are in a room suitable for the attendees to stay six feet apart and is well ventilated. For example, this can be done by simply opening some windows. As obvious as it is, be sure to frequently wash your hands while at the gathering, along with before and after.

The spread can also be limited by taking precautions when it comes to food and drinks. It is encouraged to bring your own food and drinks for the members of your household or be very careful when serving the food. Try to avoid buffet style dinners where germs from touching surfaces can be transferred by sharing. Try to change the linens multiple times if the space is being used very often during the celebration too.

Safety is the number one priority during these times. That does not mean that there is no way to celebrate with your friends and family without getting Covid-19. The lowest risk method is meeting virtually. If you are in-person you must decide what safety measures are being taken to protect against Covid-19. You can still celebrate the holidays and enjoy your family and friend’s company. Whether that is online or in-person, that choice is yours.

Please refer to the CDC guidelines for additional information and any updates.