Serving Your Community through Campus Ministry 

Do you feel as if you need to connect with God? Do you need sophomore service hours? Well, there is a club just for you! Campus Ministry hosts activities for the school and just for the club itself. It also presents an opportunity for you to be with God. There are a variety of activities that are available. Just one of these fun activities is Coffee in the Cafeteria! This activity is offered year-round! It includes coffee, snacks, and deep conversations with your fellow classmates! During quarantine, this activity will be done via Teams.  


Although we have to quarantine for a while, don’t let it get you down! Campus Ministry will be holding it’s activities online while we are in quarantine! Some schoolwide activities include retreats and prayer services. Specifically, retreats will take place in the winter and spring.  Sophomores have already successfully participated in the first part of their retreat via Teams. Campus Ministry also holds prayer services which include Anti-Racism, the Christmas prayer service with STUCO, and First Fridays 


Sophomores, if you’re wondering where you can get your sophomore service hours in these tough times, consider Clelia’s Cucina! Every other Thursday of the month in the Cafeteria you can help by bagging lunches! Just be sure to bring the community service timesheet so your hours count! Just recently, they bagged more than 16,000 meals with an organization called Rise Against Hunger! Campus Ministry will provide more sophomore service activities, so make sure you check your email along with the Stall News!  


According to Sister Elizabeth, Director of Campus Ministry, the purpose of this is to build connections and community and to move outside of yourself. In these uncertain times, it is important to talk to God, and pray for others. It also provides opportunities to build relationships outside the school community.  

Campus Ministry will continue to maneuver and create their activities to make a fun, and Covid-safe experience for all. For more activities, make sure to check out the Stall News, SHA outreach instagram, and Campus Ministry emails. If you have any questions about the details of either one of these events, make sure to stop by the Campus Ministry office, or you can check their homepage at . Join in the fun when you can and be sure to thank God for all He does for you!