What To Do On Wednesday

Thanks to COVID-19 we all now have a day off from school on Wednesday, as I’m sure you know. This leaves us with a lot of time to ourselves to do with as we please. However, I know lots of SHA girls struggle with how they should spend their home day. This article will you give ideas on how to spend your free time, how to organize you work load in order to catch up with the busy weekday work, and some exercise/meditation you can do to keep yourself busy.  

Having Wednesdays off is a great time for you to do any work you need to do for class. If you know that you have a lot of homework to do for each class, start working on it. To begin your Wednesday, try creating a list of all your homework. It would be preferable to start the list before Wednesday arrives, but doing it in the morning is fine as well. Order the list so that the homework due the soonest is at the top, and the homework you have the most time for is on the bottom. Begin your way down the list until you have covered all the items on it.

Another thing you can do is talk to your teachers. This is the perfect opportunity to contact teachers in the class you are struggling with.  If you are having trouble grasping a topic you covered in class, Wednesdays are a good time to email a teacher and hop onto a meeting with them. Teachers will be happy to help you have a successful day. Wednesdays are a great time to finish any work that must be finished.  

Another way to spend your extra weekend day is by either getting into or practicing some hobbies.  After you finish the work you need to catch up on there are several activities you can do to activate your brain. Some hobbies that are especially popular in fall are cooking/baking, raking leaves/jumping in leaf piles, and watching either Halloween or just normal movies. Along with that, there are plenty of Halloween crafts you can make such as paper pumpkins, holiday cards, masks, and even making your own Halloween costume. If the spooky season isn’t your thing, there are other arts and crafts ideas good for any season such as origami, Perler beads, jewelry making, and leaf collages. If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. 

An important thing to factor into your day is time to exercise and relax. Try taking a walk around the block or doing an at-home workout using YouTube. Being active can help you better focus and perform better in your classes. Try getting outside and taking a breath of fresh air. Wednesdays are great for taking a short hiatus from school and spending some time with yourself. Try some meditation or breathing exercises. Living through a pandemic while going to high school can be very stressful. Make sure you understand the emotions you are having and remember that it is normal to not feel a hundred percent.  Take time to do things you love, like reading or playing a sport. Wednesdays can be a day for you to step away from the lives of high school. 

Wednesday offers many opportunities for you to have a happy, productive day. You can catch up on work, do some meditation, or pick up a new hobby. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, the only person who set limits on you and your creativity is you. If you think of something you want to do in your spare time, go and do it. The possibilities are endless!