A Celebration of the Class of 2020

As a senior, I want to celebrate my class, the Class of 2020. We are an amazing class, loyal and faithful to the school and to each other. This class spreads the meaning of discipline and well taught morals that any brave woman can implement in her lifetime.

While the role of the senior class is always to behave as role models for the whole school, the Class of 2020 has done a very good job continuing this tradition. Our behavior with teachers are most of the time very respectful and we have the marvelous academic talent in terms of our students including Maria Papademtris, who won the finalist award in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SATs) and Alyssa Harduby who also won a merit award on the SATs. These are just two examples of the members of our class who are phenomenal scholars, and who work hard no matter the situation. The Class of 2020 will thrive remarkably together in the future, and we will look back at our memories at Sacred Heart Academy as the “good ole’ days”.

The class of 2020 not only has phenomenal scholars, they have great volunteers who logged countless hours to help the community. From making meals for the homeless to visiting the Sisters at the Manor, and in many other ways, this class has shown our concern for others.

During many First Friday liturgies, it is very evident that the senior class is singing loudly and clearly, providing prayerful leadership in chapel.

Now, that I have given on how the class of 2020 is one of the best classes. These statements are not opinion, but they are simple facts that the school can unanimously agree on. The Class of 2020 may be the best role model for other classes, we may be accumulating the most scholarship money as well. It is our duty as seniors to carry down these ethics that we have all the way down to the last day of our classes.

Mr. Marcello said that “Everyone in the senior class has their own unique personalities or characters. I will miss the senior class when they leave. The senior class is the class that will be very impactful on the world”.  The Class of 2020 has their own goals and priorities outside and inside of school. This class takes care of our school work and assignments, but also brings it to the next level when stepping out of Sacred Heart. We are ready to take on the challenges that will await us in the future, with the same drive and leadership we have shown at SHA.