New additions to the school have benefited the student body

In the summer of 2019, Sacred Heart finished construction on the new student section, The Commons. Since opening at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, it has quickly become the most popular place to hang out in the school, before school, after school and during study hall.

Along with the commons, the former main office has been converted into a group study room, with multiple different rooms for working on projects, meeting with teachers or a study session with a tutor. When talking with students on their opinion on the new student section, it was clear they were happy with change. Juniors stated, “It is nice to have a place for students to hang out with comfortable places to sit as well as tables for doing homework after school when waiting for rides.” As for the Heart, I can say it has personally benefitted me as a quiet, less busy place to meet with my math tutor, and make up tests with teachers during the school day.  Other students also stated, “It helps to have a place to work on a group project with girls during study halls.”

Both additions were brought into the school for the benefit of the student body, as well as giving more room for the administration offices and a clearly visible door for visitors to walk in through. Now, we have multiple options to go during study based on what we are planning to do during our free period. This past year both the commons and the Heart have been wildly popular among all grades. It is shown that it has brought a lot of benefits to the student body as well as the faculty, as well as having two comfortable, quiet places in the school to go to at any point in the day to get work done of just relax after school.