Coffee House

Erin Albright

Of the many traditions at Sacred Heart Academy, one of the most looked-forward to events is the annual Coffee House. Sponsored by the Student Council Executive Board, Coffee House is a relaxed night where local area students are invited to join Sacred Heart girls to perform and enjoy the Art Show. In the laid-back setting of the cafeteria, participants feel comfortable to express their talents, whether it be reading poetry, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or even telling a joke. After a long week at school, many laughs and smiles are shared as guests appreciate one another’s hidden talents being expressed. Besides students, several parents and even teachers attend, with a few of them performing themselves. Students are encouraged to sign-up to perform in advance of the night, and towards the end, it becomes an “open-mic” style event, and groups of students band together to do a last-minute routine. While enjoying the performances, attendees are invited to enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks, graciously provided by Student Council.

In addition to the performances, attendees are invited to view the artwork on display at the Art Show, which takes place at the same time as Coffee House. Mrs. DelVecchio, a teacher in the Fine Arts Department, proudly presents the work her students have done over the first and second semester. The Art Show and Coffee House being in the same night make this event the pinnacle for all fine arts lovers.

Coffee House was held on Friday, March 6th 2020. It was a great event where friends had the chance to showcase their abilities on a platform where they might not otherwise have had the chance to. The hard work done by Student Council in planning this night was incredibly worth it, especially when the leaders got to sit back and watch this exciting event run smoothly while enjoying quality time with fellow classmates. Whether you simply want to relax with friends and listen to the performers or take the microphone for yourself, Student Council urges all those interested in attending to join them next spring for this annual event.