Mother Daughter Liturgy

Mothers and daughters have a special bond that cannot be broken. At SHA, the relationships between mothers and daughters are celebrated and recognized frequently.  From the Legacy Mass to the Mother-Daughter Liturgy, there are many events and opportunities for SHA girls to spend quality time with their mothers.  Girls in the SHA community had a chance to invite their moms to a special mass and breakfast where they would be able to bond and strengthen their relationships. 

According to Makana Michaud, whose mother helped organize the event, about 120 mothers and daughters attended.  Michaud describes the mass as, “reflective and it was a good time to relax.  It is a good chance to spend some alone time with your mother if you are not able to easily do so at home.”  The mass is an essential part of the morning that girls spend with their moms.  It is a chance to bring God into the relationship and it benefits both the mother and daughter to ask Him for any help or strengthening they might need in their relationship.  In addition, it could be a great time for the mother to give thanks for her daughter and for the daughter to give thanks to God for her mother.  Michaud describes the breakfast part as, “a refreshing and reflective experience.”  Michaud says more girls should attend the breakfast with their moms because, “everyone is very busy all the time and these few hours with our mothers makes all the difference.  As we get older, finding bonding time is difficult so going is very enriching.”  She also says that this is beneficial for both the mother and the daughter.   

At SHA, there is also a Father-Daughter Liturgy that takes place.  I asked Michaud if she could explain the differences between the two events.  Here is what she said; “While everyone has special bonds with both parents, a mother’s bond is unlike any other and taking the time to go to a brunch and a mass with her makes her feel loved because you will always be her little girl and this time is precious before college.”  Both events succeed in highlighting the wonderful relationships a daughter has with both her mother and father.   

Any mother would love to spend a period of time relaxing with her child and taking the time to actually talk to her.  Most mothers do not want their children to grow up.  This event really gives mothers a last chance to connect with her daughter through SHA before the school year ends.  Of course, they can spend time together outside of school, but as mentioned before it might be a hard thing to do for both parties so this event makes it easier.   

Michaud was kind enough to share her favorite part about this event with us.  Here is what she said; “My mother is the most special person to me and any time I spend with her is valued, so being able to go to mass and have a sit down meal with her reminded me of those times we had as children where time was plentiful and stress was minimal.” 

Mothers and fathers usually view high school years as the last years of youth.  Not many high schools plan special events like this where the parent and child get to spend this set amount of time together and the fact that SHA offers this event is really a privilege for the students.