Fall Dance Not So Fun?

Fall Dance Not So Fun?

Stress is a very common theme for the students of SHA. Between sports, homework, and tests, SHA girls are constantly in action. As school starts, students are not only preparing for the upcoming academic year but more importantly in some eyes, the Fall Dance. Amongst the SHA girls, the Fall Dance is one of the biggest events of the year – between dresses and pictures, minds are constantly consumed with planning. For many girls, the fall dance is exciting but can overwhelm many.

When discussing the Fall Dance with classmates, the majority seemed enthusiastic in regards to the event, but also very anxious. One main source of stress is due to bringing a date. Although dates are no longer required, many girls still feel as if there is a stigma: if one friend is bringing a date, others will not want to go alone in order to prevent exclusion.

When asked about this situation, one student gave her opinion in regards to bringing a date and how it affects a community of females: “Yes, there is a stigma attached because you’re seen as a loner if you don’t bring someone. It is ironic that a place that mentors and nourishes young women to be strong and independent is the same place that is pressuring [the idea] to have to bring a date.” The idea that on top of the stress of finding a date, the very idea of having a date does not necessarily give a strong message for independence upon young women. However, this student was not the only one to feel this way, as when approaching many other girls, all from different clubs, activities, and even friend groups, many had a similar answer.

Perhaps, as an empowering action for students, the permission of not needing a date should emphasized in a greater way. After reflection and observation, the question of “Who are you bringing to the dance?” is incredibly more common to hear in the halls rather than, “Are you bringing anyone to the dance?” This stigma is often brushed over, but when truly thinking about it, the subject of bringing a date is in fact something so little, but is drawn into something so important.

Building off the issue of having a date for formal, another common source of stress, is the fear of judgement and lack of self-assurance. When approaching a student, who compared to most is not going to be in attendance, she explained that the situation overall is too overwhelming: “Although some people find that scene fun, it causes me unnecessary stress and I would most likely feel uncomfortable- my ideal evening would be staying in [at home] with a few friends. The stress of finding a date and judgments towards who it is or what your dress looks like or your makeup looks like is overwhelming.” This student was not afraid to express her true feelings about the dance and, once again, is not the only student who feels this way.

Despite all the stress that consumes SHA students, the Fall Dance is an event that is meant for fun and overall, a good time. For many SHA girls, the concept of relaxing is not often looked upon, especially in the case of the dance. However, the Fall Dance is an opportunity for girls to dress up, be with friends, create memories, and loosen up. As the event approaches, stress will rise, but it is important for the girls to not let all the planning take over and ruin their time leading up to and including the dance.