New Faculty at SHA

New Faculty at Sacred Heart Academy: Mr. Maklad 

Mr. Ahmed Maklad is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and the American University of Cairo. After spending a few years journeying through and teaching throughout the Middle East, Mr. Maklad is quite enthusiastic to bring his wisdom and knowledge to the classrooms of Sacred Heart Academy.  

Beginning in 2009, Mr. Maklad’s first job was as a fellow in the English Comparative Literature Department at the American University of Cairo in Egypt. There, he began working with students and quickly fell in love with education. During this time, Mr. Maklad also volunteered at a non-profit school in Egypt and taught young children how to speak English. He continued teaching English to freshmen at Misr International University, which led to him to being hired by an organization called “Elite Education” where he taught literature. Mr. Maklad’s travels then brought him to Bahrain, teaching social studies and English at an American diplomat school. Later, he moved back West into Saudi Arabia, where he continued his social studies and English teachings and became a principal.  

The origin of Mr. Maklad’s desire to become a teacher differs from what one might have expected: “I had really awful teachers as a child; like, really really awful teachers.” After barely graduating from Hamden High School, a SCSU professor of Maklad is who truly put him on the right track to where he is today. Professor Rosso changed the life of Mr. Maklad just by handing him a dictionary to reference from and study with- he still has that dictionary today. Mr. Maklad is making a strong effort to replicate the teaching strategies of Professor Russo rather than the teachers he had growing up. He does this by really engaging students in the classroom and challenging our thought processes, all while having a good time.   

Mr. Maklad worked at Sacred Heart Academy for a fraction of the 2018-2019 school year as an Ancient Civilizations teacher for freshmenHe advances his time at SHA as a full time teacher this year. When asked what his favorite part of the Academy was, he responded quickly and simply with “the students.” He went on, “I would say that out of all of my years of teaching, I have never met such eager students that want to learn.” Maklad explained furthermore about how the majority of students he had worked with in the Middle East came from wealthy families that didn’t value education as much as they should have because they knew they would be inheriting the family wealth. “With you guys, it’s different. You are yearning for knowledge, and I can see it in your eyes and the way you ask questions. It’s amazing, it’s just the best case scenario for a teacher,” he says joyfully.  

In his free time, Mr. Maklad enjoys being outdoors and stays active by landscaping, going to the gym, and hiking at Mount Sleeping Giant in Hamden.