Enthronement 2019


    The annual Enthronement of the Sacred Heart took place this October, on Friday the fourth, in the school chapel. Seniors Sydney Walsh, the crowner, and Hannah Guth, the crown-bearer, were elected by their classmates (the class of 2020) to take these roles, as they are wonderful examples of students who live out the message of the Sacred Heart in their daily lives. The Enthronement court was also elected by their class, and was made up of eight girls (Denise Downer, Adalyn Schommer, Emily Carchia, Jennifer Madu, Annie Mackey, Christina Pienkos, Morgan Dubay, and Erin Albright) whose charism to the Sacred Heart is always evident. The ten girls chosen not only represent the Sacred Heart, but the compassion of the entire senior class. They serve as perfect role models for the younger students as well as all people. Students and adults alike can learn from the actions and spirits of the girls in the Enthronement court; not only their spirituality but their dedication to inclusion, acceptance, and generosity. 

I wanted to speak to Sydney Walsh and Hannah Guth to hear their perspectives on being chosen for the Enthronement, as well as their advice for younger students who will one day carry on the legacy. I first asked what it meant to them to be the crowner and crown-bearer:

 Sydney said, “I have always loved going to school at SHA and being a part of the amazing community. From my very first day, I felt at home and comfortable around my classmates and teachers because of the welcoming and kind attitude everyone seemed to have. Having been chosen by my peers and teachers as the crowner for the Enthronement was such a privilege that I feel so blessed to have had, because it means to me that I am able to reflect back to my surrounding school community the same love and kindness that it shows to me everyday. I know that myself and the other girls apart of the Enthronement are so lucky. SHA really does shine the love of the Sacred Heart, and all I can do is strive to shine it back! 

To the same question, Hannah said, “Being the crown bearer, I was reminded of the love that fills our class. Knowing that my classmates chose me motivates me to continue being a good person and loving people as Christ loves us.”


Then, I asked them what advice they could give to the underclassmen of Sacred Heart, seeing as they are the best representatives of the values our class holds:

Sydney said, “Advice that I could give to lower classmen is just to fully embrace the loving atmosphere that SHA has, because of its strong following in the footsteps of the Sacred Heart! I can honestly say that I could never forget the “strong bonds” I have formed with SHA and my friends!”

Hannah’s advice was, “If I could tell the underclassmen one thing it would be to be nice to everyone. You never know what someone is going through at home or what kind of day they are having so it’s best to just be kind and smile at everyone in the hallway or make small talk in between classes. Obviously you are going to have your friend group but it’s so important to step outside of that group and talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. You could have such a good impact on someone’s day or week simply by being nice.”

Walsh and Guth, as well as the other elected girls, are exemplary SHA students who the whole school can look up to. They live out the values of the Sacred Heart involuntarily and impact the school community everyday. The Enthronement is a beautiful way to honor these students as well as Jesus, but also brings to mind what all of us can do to be more like them. It can all start with a new perspective towards school and our futures; something to embrace rather than reject. Listen to the advice of our crowner and crown-bearer: smile at someone new in the halls tomorrow. You never know how it might affect them!