The SHA Mixer: Featuring the Seniors


Class of 2020 at SHA’s annual Senior Mixer. This school year they were SHAngels!

The SHA mixer is an annual event that is usually held in the beginning of the school year.  Every year, the seniors come up with a fun theme to wear to the mixer.  The theme is usually something the word SHA can be fit into on the custom sign that is made for the seniors.  For example, some of the ideas the seniors came up with were Yee-SHA (cowgirl outfits), NaSHA (a space or galaxy themed mixer), or SHAfari (where the seniors would dress up in animal print).  However, the seniors’ theme that they went with this year was SHAngels and all of them wore white with halos.  Some people even went all-out with their outfit and wore wings!  It is an exciting event for everyone, the seniors especially, because it is almost like their “kick-off” to their fun-filled year.

Every year the seniors anticipate the tradition of running in in their themed outfits to a song that correlates to their theme after everyone has settled into the event.  The song that was played for the seniors’ angel theme this year was “Angels” by Chance the Rapper.  After the seniors make their grand entrance, that is when the fun really begins.  The mixer is really an event for the students to spend time with their friends and dance.  Sometimes people make new friends or recognize someone that they might already know which makes it more fun.  The mixer is like formal without the stress of finding a dress and a date.  This event is more of a laid-back dance.  Over the years, the event has become a staple to the seniors’ many traditions.

This year, the mixer was held in the café instead of the gym from last year.  Originally, the mixer was in the café but when the gym got air conditioning, the event was moved there.  Now that the café has air conditioning, the mixer was moved back to its original place.  Despite all of the changes of locations for the event, it was still a fun event for everyone no matter where it was held.

One of the best things about the SHA mixer is the feeling of community.  With all of the seniors unified with their fun outfit and with everyone having a fun time together, it brings a positive feeling into the café, the gym or wherever the event that year takes place.  Making friends through people you know and getting to know people you might not have had the chance to talk to before gives everyone a welcoming feeling.  It is not only the SHA seniors or the SHA student body that unites, it is everyone that attends the event.  Featuring the seniors at the mixer is what really sets this mixer apart from any other mixer that is held.  It is the staple for the mixer and it would not be the same if the seniors did not get their own theme and grand entrance.  The grand entrance excites everyone and gets them excited for their senior year, whether they are students at SHA or not.

Seeing the mixer in full swing with everyone dancing and the seniors in their attire is a wonderful sight.  It is one of the best events SHA hosts.