SHA’s Freshmen Travel to Newport, RI

Outside of the Breakers mansion.


On the bright and chilly day of November 14, the freshman class of Sacred Heart ventured out of the classroom and took their class trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Each student was excited and the bright and happy energy could be felt all throughout the bus ride to Newport. After about two and a half hours riding through Connecticut and Rhode Island, the class of 2022 reached their first destination in Rhode Island, the Newport Mansions. The group toured through two of the fourteen majestic mansions. They were able to tour the Breakers mansion and the Elms mansion. Each mansion was created during the Gilded Age and housed some of Newport’s most influential families in the summertime, the Breakers originally being home to the Vanderbilt family and the Elms originally belonging to the Berwinds. The Vanderbilts worked in the steamship industry and later on in the New York Central Railroad, whereas the Berwind family primarily made their money in the coal industry. Both mansions were very grand and extravagant. The class of 2022 received audio tours for each of the mansions, which led the students around the mansion and gave information on each room the group entered and gave background on the family occupying the house as well. After getting a chance to roam around and learn about both the Elms and the Breakers it was time for the class to head out to lunch.

Inside of the Elms mansion.

The freshmen all had lunch together at the Brick Alley Pub on Thames Street. There the girls were able to have a lunch buffet before continuing onto a guided tour of the town of Newport in the comfort and warmth of their bus. The tour took the freshman class all throughout the town passing by the Newport Mansions visited earlier, going right past the water on what was called the Cliff Walk, and even through the inner parts of the city where they saw buildings from prior to the Revolutionary War. While getting to visually see all the different parts and areas of the Newport, the class of 2022 also got to learn about some of the history behind Newport. Such as how Newport was a city originally meant for religious freedom and also made most of their money from trading various goods, such as, rum and fish. After that approximately 90-minute tour, the girls had some leisure time to roam Newport and head out to the various stores around to do some shopping. Eventually it was time for the freshman class to head back home to SHA and their shopping spree had to come to an end. The girls slowly piled back onto the buses tired from their busy day around Newport, but drove home with lots of new memories with their classmates in this wonderful city that they will never forget. 

Scenic view in Newport, RI.