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Results From School Wide Survey (Design Your Ideal Vacation)

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In the spirit of the upcoming winter break, we decided to send out a survey asking students to design their ideal vacation. Here’s the breakdown for each of the questions:

Question 1: Most popular answer was summer at 52%

Summer 52%; Fall 22%; Spring 13%; Winter 13%

Question 2: Most popular answer was Bahamas at 34%

Bahamas 34%; France 24%; Iceland 20%; Tokyo 11%; Disney World 9%; Home 2%

Question 3: Most popular answer was luxurious hotel suite at 53%

Luxurious hotel suite 53%; Rent a small house 23%; Affordable (but nice) motel room 12%; Stay with family and/or friends 12%

Question 4: Most popular answer was car at 42%

Car 42%; Walk 20%; Boat 16%; Train 8%; Bike 7%; Moped 7%

Question 5: Most popular answer was local cuisine at 62%

Local cuisine 62%; Fancy restaurant 26%; Dessert 7%; Fast food 5%

 Question 6: Most popular answer was adventuring at 50%

Adventuring 50%; Sightseeing 16%; Shopping 15%; Relaxing 12%; Eating 5%; Watching art performance 2%


Question 7: Most popular answer was clothing (T-shirts, hats, etc.) at 52%


Clothing (T-shirts, hats, etc.) 53%; Artwork (paintings, jewelry, etc.) 19%; Pictures (postcards, etc.) 18%; Knick knacks (ornaments, snow globes, mugs, etc.) 10%

Whatever your preference, we hope you enjoyed planning your fantasy vacation!

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Results From School Wide Survey (Design Your Ideal Vacation)