Junior Ring Liturgy

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Junior class ring in a bouquet of roses.

Cake served at the Junior Ring Reception.







Junior year is perhaps one of the most difficult and stressful of high school. After all, a junior usually has to juggle challenging courses, leadership positions in various extracurricular activities, the process of getting a driver’s license, possibly a part-time job, standardized testing, the beginning of the college process, responsibilities to family and friends, and more. Due to all of these demands, it is so easy to forget to appreciate and enjoy the important things in the once-in-a-lifetime high school experience and in life. The Junior Ring Liturgy Ceremony, when SHA juniors receive their class rings, enables one to put life back into perspective and shows the value of what is most important.

Entrance procession of the Class of 2019.

Entrance procession of the Class of 2019.

Junior Ring Liturgy program.



This year the Junior Ring Liturgy for the Class of 2019 was held on the evening of Thursday, April 12, in Sacred Heart’s chapel. The Junior Ring Liturgy consists of a mass and a ring ceremony and is followed by a reception. The mass was said by Fr. Michael Dolan, and many juniors participated by singing, reading, or joining the processions. Throughout the beautiful liturgy, speakers highlighted repeatedly that the class rings are meant to symbolize growth and maturity, commitment to our future, class unity, and our strong bonds with the SHA community. After the mass and ring ceremony ended, a reception was held in the cafeteria. There, it was decorated beautifully with a red and white color scheme, and delicious appetizers and desserts were served. Once everyone had their fill of cake and had taken enough pictures with friends and family, the ceremony was brought to an end.


Recessional out of the chapel.

Recessional out of the chapel.

Recessional out of the chapel.


Although the SHA juniors went right back to the grind of school and other responsibilities the following day, the Junior Ring Liturgy still provided them with both a reminder to appreciate everything they are experiencing now and a memory to cherish forever. It helped them to realize that even though high school can be very stressful, they should enjoy it, because these memories can only be made once. Additionally, it gave juniors a beautiful ring which they can look at fondly as a symbol of their time at Sacred Heart and of the bonds they share with their classmates, the whole SHA community, and all of the Excelsior women who came before them and who will follow in their footsteps. Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Fun decorations at the reception

Decorations at the reception.

Junior class ring in a heart-shaped box.