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SHA National Honor Society Inductions

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Program for SHA’s 2018 National Honor Society induction Ceremony

This year’s National Honors Society (NHS) induction ceremony, held on Wednesday, April 4, brought forth a new generation of leaders and high achievers to Sacred Heart’s chapter. In addition to returning members, inductees have to meet strict GPA and service requirements to become and remain a part of NHS. To apply, one must detail their extracurriculars, volunteering, academic, leadership, and other achievements. Members are not selected on an academic qualification basis only. Students who are selected are ones who demonstrate exceptional scholarship, service, leadership, and character, which are the pillars of NHS and what it means to be a member. More than one million students in all 50 states, many U.S. territories, the District of Columbia, and Canada participate as active members of NHS. Each year, Sacred Heart holds a dignified ceremony for returning members, inductees, parents, and guests. After receiving certificates and candles on stage, there is a procession to the bleachers for photos.

Duties for members of NHS include a service requirement and tutoring their peers. NHS tutors are available at almost all times in the upstairs of the library to help fellow students in nearly all subjects at any level. This is highly beneficial to the school community as a whole. The service that NHS students offer to their peers is invaluable. Occasionally, hearing something taught from another student is more relatable and easier to understand than from a teacher. They have been where you are now, and they understand from first-hand experience the class, teacher, and assignments that you are working on. This is available to all students, and if you do not know where to start, you can ask the librarians or even have your guidance counselor direct you to a NHS student who will assist you to the best of their abilities. Ashley Plochocki (Class of 2020) remarks, “NHS is important to me, because it shows the dedication I have to my studies. It is even more important to SHA, because it shows the unity we have as a school to help one another when someone is struggling in a subject.” Every student should strive to join NHS and be more willing to dedicate some of their time to service and their fellow SHA students.

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SHA National Honor Society Inductions