The Purpose of May Crowning

Statue of Mary wearing a crown of flowers.

May is the month when we crown our Mother, Mary. We dedicate this month to Mary and it is a time to remember and embrace how inspiring she was.  Mary was sinless, pure, and perfect. She is a great role model for everyone. She was not only a perfect follower of Jesus Christ, but also His Mother. When I think of the month of May, I automatically think of the Crowning of Mary. I have attended Catholic school for most of my life so I have been able to experience this wonderful event almost every year.  The May Crowning is also a very special event for many other people.

During May Crowning  we crown Mary’s head, usually with a crown of flowers. At SHA a senior student, who is of strong faith and is similar in both character and faith to our Mother, is chosen to Crown Mary at our mass. It is important that when picking a student to crown Mary, they genuinely want to do it because it is a sacred occasion that only happens once a year and is dedicated to the most important female role model in our lives.

The purpose for May Crowning is obviously to honor our Mother but it is also about recognizing who Mary actually was as a person. I asked Sr. Elizabeth Doyle, ASCJ what she thinks the purpose of May Crowning is and she explained that it is to honor Mary and to remember the important role she plays in our faith life. Sr. Elizabeth also talked about how Mary was a person just like us and experienced all the same emotions like joy, suffering, doubt, and fear. Sr. Elizabeth adds that through all of those feelings, Mary’s faith had never wavered.

Mary is a good example of a person who never lost faith. No matter what, she always made sure she was in touch with God. I think many people should imitate her faithful personality, especially during the month of May. May is the time of spring and Mother’s Day so it is fitting that we also crown Mary during this month. While doing research about the May Crowning, I found some of the history behind this sacred occasion. The statues and icons are seen as “windows to heaven”. The crowning of May is an ancient tradition and the crown itself is seen as a “victory wreath”  (For more information:

I have never actually been a part of a May Crowning before but I would love to take part in one sometime in the future. Seeing it happen is a great privilege and being part of it, I am sure, is an even greater responsibility. When being chosen for this occasion, you have to remember that along with being beautiful, it is a solemn procession that must be respected. The Crowning is such an exciting occasion for the month of May because it is like another Mother’s Day; it is a Mother’s Day reserved just for Mary.