Time to Help: Local Service Opportunities

Time to Help!
Every day is a good day to get involved in your community and lend a helping hand. Although this is especially true for Sacred Heart Academy sophomores whose community service hours are due soon, this also applies to all SHA students. You are never too old to go out of your way to put a smile on someone else’s face, especially because the fulfillment you will feel afterwards is the best possible reward. Whether you are a sophomore still struggling to finish your hours, or just a caring student with some extra time, the following service opportunities are a great way to make a difference.

Fellowship Place
Where? New Haven, CT
What? Helping to serve lunch in the psycho-social rehab center
Contact: (203) 401-4227

Community Dining Room
Where? Branford, CT
What? Make and serve lunches
Contact: (203) 488-9750

Child Guidance Center
Where? Stamford, CT
What? Help and play with at-risk children ages 6-18
Contact: (203) 517-3346

Dance Group for Adolescent
Where? New Canaan, CT
What? Share your passion for dance with teens in the teen transitional living program
Contact: (203) 801-2320

One-Hour-a-Week Mentoring
Where? Norwalk, CT
What? You will be assigned a young student to talk to and mentor
Contact: (203) 849-1111