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Results From School Wide Survey

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61% PSAT memes; 17% SpongeBob memes; 13% Distracted Boyfriend memes; 9% Evil Kermit memes


22% Grey’s Anatomy; 16% Riverdale; 13% Friends; 13% The Office; 11% Other; 11% Stranger Things; 5% The Flash; 3% 13 Reasons Why; 2% Rick and Morty; 2% Supernatural; 1% The Walking Dead; 1% Uh, I don’t really watch TV; 0% American Horror Story; 0% Game of Thrones


70% Dogs; 24% Cats; 6% Neither


42% Blue; 27% Green; 18% Hazel; 7% Brown; 5% Gray; 1% Amber


50% Three superpowers; 50% Three wishes


72% Christmas: What’s not to love?; 9% Thanksgiving: I can eat as much as I want without being judged!; 8% Fourth of July: Yay, America!; 4% Halloween: I mean who doesn’t love free candy?; 3% Other (all holidays, birthday, Pascha, etc.); 3% Pft as if! Holidays are silly and have no purpose but to benefit companies like Hallmark -_-; 1% Valentine’s Day: Love and chocolate, it’s a win-win <3; 0% Easter: Bunnies are so adorable :D; 0% St. Patrick’s Day: Luck of the Irish, eh?


81% Extra weekend day; 19% Phone that never dies

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Results From School Wide Survey