Changes in Campus Ministry

Ms.Destito, Mrs. Fink, and students and their mothers volunteering on a Campus Ministry service opportunity at the Center Church Parish House Soup Kitchen, New Haven.

Our Campus Ministry is an essential part of our SHA society. Though there have been many new changes, one key thing Campus Ministry is keeping is First Friday Mass.

This year, Campus Ministry has introduced many new activities and opportunities for the school community. Now, all of the school masses are planned by different students, groups, or teams which will represent the interest of the group as a whole. For example, in December, there will be a Latina mass celebrating Latina culture. The songs will be sung in Spanish and there may be a priest who will read the prayers in Spanish. Also, the musical cast and crew will plan the mass for All Saints Day. Additionally, any sports team, club, or group can plan a mass. The whole school is part of Campus Ministry, and we are all serving with and for each other; therefore, our masses will reflect everyone helping each other out on our journey of life.

Another new change introduced to Campus Ministry is Java with Jesus. Also, there are service opportunities every Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesdays, SHA girls will go to the Clelian Center to volunteer their time. On Thursdays, SHA girls will bag lunches for the homeless, which is also part of Sandwich Club. There is also a Recycling Club, founded by a group of students passionate about making our school a better place. Your ideas can help our school, too! Every week there is a service opportunity. Sacred Heart students can also help out in Downtown Evening Soup Kitchens (DESK). This is when a group of 10 to 12 students, faculty, and parents volunteer at a local soup kitchen in New Haven. Check the Bulletin Board, and listen for announcements for future service opportunities to come!

With these many changes, there will not be a formal Community Out Reach (COR) Team due to the fact that our Campus Ministry believes strongly that everyone can be involved. Since membership to Campus Ministry is not exclusive, anyone can join. Campus Ministry is meant to be about students learning new things, growing in their faith, and executing ideas to implement service, faith, and prayer. Students come up with ideas about what they want to be involved in, and they can run their ideas by Ms. Destito or Sr. Elizabeth Doyle. All students are welcome to share their ideas!

When passion meets inspiration, an innovation is born. Ms. Destito, an alumna of Sacred Heart Academy, shares that as a high school student, she was passionate about participating in service activities. Unfortunately, there were no opportunities available. She wants to make Campus Ministry a place for students with a passion for service to fulfill that eagerness. Ms. Destito and Sr. Elizabeth feel they share the same interest as SHA students. Sr. Elizabeth, an alum of Cor Jesu, was inspired to participate in Campus Ministry since she believes in having a place in the school community where everyone has a space to grow spiritually. She believes spiritual life is essential to who we are and enables us to grow and learn. She had opportunities at Cor Jesu to participate in service, and hopes children can grow like she did. Sr. Elizabeth and Ms. Destito both love Campus Ministry because it is a lot of fun! Ms. Destito wants you to know that you should not be afraid to come in or of your relationship with God. This is a safe place, and everyone in Campus Ministry is ready to walk with you on your journey and relationship with God.

So, get excited and participate in our exciting Campus Ministry ! You can plan our liturgies, participate in activities such as Java with Jesus, and come up ideas about mission trips. For all of the artists out there, you can create an image for our school, help decorate the chapel, or design the cover of the liturgy pamphlets. If you are a musician or singer, you can share your talents in the school mass. You can help serve the school community, organize ways for the school community to pray for intentions, or stop by just to say hi and see what is happening this week.