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Results from School-Wide Survey

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53% It’s catchy and I kinda dig it; 22% It’s okay *shrug*; 11% I love it, literally I play it 24/7; 9% Worst song ever made; 5% I don’t listen to pop music …


31% Mind reading; 26% Ability to control time; 14% Invisibility; 12% Flying; 12% Super speed and strength; 5% Shape shifting


21% I wouldn’t eat my favorite food (pizza, etc.) for a year; 21% Literally, I would do anything short of selling my soul; 19% Nothing, I don’t mind homework too much; 16% I wouldn’t go on any of my social media accounts for 3 months; 13% I would give up my phone for a month; 10% I would only talk in the 3rd-person for 6 months

64% Spirit Week; 25% Dances; 24% Musical; 13% I love all school events; 12% I don’t really have any favorites; 7% Masses; 6% Other (games, classes, field trips, etc.)


81% Only be able to communicate using song lyrics; 19% Never be able to listen to music


39% Golden Retriever; 22% Other (Husky, Pit Bull, Pug; German Shepherd, Dachshund, etc.); 12% Labrador; 5% Poodle; 5% Greyhound; 4% Bulldog; 3% Chihuahua; 3% Jack Russel Terrier; 2% Basset Hound; 0% Rottweiler

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Results from School-Wide Survey