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Water Project

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This is the first year that Sacred Heart has taken time to look at the most important natural source: water! Everyone uses water several times each and every day! We use it to brush our teeth, wash our faces, go to the bathroom, shower, hydrate and so much more! In fact, we use it so much we tend to take it for granted. Many people do not know this, but we are in a drought. Reservoir levels are plummeting all over the world, so it was decided we need to do something about this issue.

At SHA, all students had the opportunity to do projects which incorporated water. From math to Spanish class, everyone found a way to incorporate water. For weeks before the SHA Water Day, everyone worked hard to do research and learn about the importance of water in everyday life. Finally, when the day came everyone presented their projects in each of their classes. In addition to the projects presented by the students, we had a special speaker come in to talk more about water and the drought’s impact on the global level.

Yet another great benefit of Water Day was all the ideas that were brainstormed on how to save water. Of course there are the usual techniques for preservation like taking shorter showers and turning off the water when you brush your teeth. But of course, SHA girls came up with some unique ideas of their own. Some of these included filling a tub of water when washing dishes, and using ice cubes that drop on the floor to water plants. There are so many ways to help conserve water in our daily lives, and the SHA Water Project helped shed light on this problem. The day was a big success and hopefully, it will continue to spread awareness about our most importance resource!

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Water Project