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Senior Showdown

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Senior showdown is the time of year when seniors bring in money to support the incoming freshmen with their tuition cost. It is also a competition with Notre Dame, because whoever meets their goal first gets to switch and go to the opposite school for a day. However, this switch only happens if both schools meet their goal.Seniors are asked to bring in $20.17 because it is the year of their graduation.
Mrs. Fink advises the senior showdown, and she is the one who put together its leadership group. This group encourages all the seniors to bring in their money, so that we can reach our goal. This year’s leadership group was made up of the following seniors: Lila Condon, Meghan Antonetti, Caroline Berbarian, Madison Clark, Olivia Ross, Taylor Weiss, Lily Verna, Morgan Corsini, Sydney Marcarelli, Jacqueline Espositio, Ava Dagostino, Emily Fowler, Taylor Sarojak, and Claudia Capozzo.
Unfortunately, as many of you already know, the seniors did not reach their goal. Only 55 seniors brought their money in; we were more than half way there, but we needed at least 84 seniors to bring their $20.17 in. The good news is that SHA did have more participation than Notre Dame. 2016 was the only year in which Notre Dame and SHA both met their goal and had a senior switch day. Senior showdown is always a fun senior class tradition, and perhaps next year’s senior classes at SHA and ND will get to enjoy the senior switch.

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Senior Showdown