Eucharistic Adoration is “FaceTime with Jesus”

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A typical design and style of a monstrance, which holds the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration.


Eucharistic Adoration is the adoring and honoring of the Eucharistic Presence of Christ outside of Mass and Holy Communion. Usually the Eucharist is removed from the tabernacle and placed in a monstrance, also known as an ostensorium. A monstrance, whose name is derived from the Latin verb meaning “to show,” is fittingly a receptacle that shows the Blessed Sacrament. Monstrances generally consist of an elaborate sunburst, with a small round glass for the Eucharist and a cross on top, mounted on a stand.  During Eucharistic Adoration the monstrance is placed on the altar allowing worshipers to see the Blessed Sacrament, the Body and Blood of Christ. Sr. Lany Jo Smith, ASCJ, describes Eucharistic Adoration as “FaceTime with Jesus,” where we are able to communicate face-to-face with each other. She explained that it was a quiet time meant to help us enter into a more profound reality of Jesus’s presence that is in us, around us, and encompassing us.

Generally speaking, there are no special occasions or times for Eucharistic Adoration to occur. In fact some parishes and other religious communities have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration is when Eucharistic Adoration is held 24 hours a day, every day. Sr. Lany Jo fondly remembers attending some of these Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration sessions as a young girl with her father. At least once a month, Sr. Lany Jo and her father would attend Eucharistic Adoration from two to three in the morning. Recalling the beauty and quietness of these mornings, Sr. Lany Jo noted that it was times such as these that had left a profound impact on her adolescent self.

However, at Sacred Heart Academy, Eucharistic Adoration is held on the first Wednesday of every month in the school’s large chapel. This serves as preparation to reconsecrate ourselves to God during First Friday Mass.  At these Eucharistic Adoration sessions, Sr. Lany Jo will usually provide various prayer starters and guides to act as a “jumping off point” into our own personal communication with God.

So next time you go to Eucharistic Adoration just pretend you’re FaceTiming a dear friend, called Jesus.

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