New Clubs at SHA

If you are new to SHA, whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, you should look into joining a club. Joining a club will help you make friends, and keep you involved in your school community. If you want to be a bigger part of your school community, we have 25 existing clubs along with four new ones that you can join. Some new editions to the many clubs here at Sacred Heart Academy are Programming Club, Social Media Ambassadors at SHA, S.T.A.R. Club, and Meditation Club. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are.

If you want to learn more about computers, Programming Club is for you! In Programming Club, Dr. Christophy will teach you how to program in Scratch, in Sphero robots, and move to a more complex programming language such as Python.

Do you love posting on your social media accounts? If so, you should think about joining Social Media Ambassadors Club at SHA. In this club, you will help Ms. Walker with the SHA Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In Social Media Ambassadors Club, you will meet monthly to discuss how we can boost SHA’s social media presence. Brainstorming any ideas that you have, could possibly help SHA’s social media pages to reach students, alumnae, and possible families that are looking to join our tight-knit community.

In S.T.A.R. Club, Mr. Lomba will help you increase your skills working with technology. S.T.A.R. Club will meet weekly, so you can frequently add to your technological skills.

If you are looking for a safe space to relax after a stressful day, Meditation Club is for you. In Meditation Club, Mr. Marques will help you learn about meditation and will guide you in your own meditations. Meditation Club recognizes that you have other extracurricular activities, so there is no commitment to show up to all the meetings. Meditation Club is just a safe space to try and think about yourself and to get your body centered, since we all carry lots of stress throughout our days.

If you are interested in joining any of these clubs, please reach out to their moderator, as they would love to have you. Do not be hesitant in wanting to be a part of your school community. Clubs are a safe space to do what you are interested in learning about.