More Field Trips Would Benefit Students

When I was younger I was always excited to go on fun field trips when I attended High school. All the movies I watched on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon portrayed field trips in high school to be so much fun, and all my elementary and middle school teachers would always tell me that field trips will get better, when you get older. But sadly when I first attended high school, I saw that the movies were just fictional, and my teachers were very wrong.

At SHA, each grade goes on one field trip per year, and to the same three places. The trips are a lot of fun, and we appreciate the memories that we have made in the windy city of Newport, or the snowy Boston delay, or the treacherous rain in New York. The memories are definitely special with our class, but if we had the opportunity to explore these cities and even more cities around the world with our classmates, during different times of the year, it could make for so many more memories within our class before we graduate. It would let us be more open minded about different cities, and learn more things about our country, rather than being so secluded to three cities.

Throughout the four years at SHA, we are able to create trust with our teachers using the strong SHA core values that we have been taught, which has allowed us to explore the cities we visited and to make our own decisions. This has made us into strong, independent women which allows us to take these great values anywhere else we would take trips.

Although SHA offers many opportunities for the music, language, or media departments to take trips to learn more about the class, if SHA was to offer more opportunities for class trips, it would broaden our horizons as a school. 89% of people that go on educational trips have a positive, lasting impact on their education and career, since the trips made them more engaged, intellectually curious, and interested in and out of school.

Since field trips offer many great benefits, adding more trips would truly help students flourish in and out of the classroom. Class trips would also give students a better understanding of the real world, and help them realize that what they are learning in class relates someway to the outside world.

Many students learn in different ways, and sometimes seeing information being taught in different and hands-on ways could help students comprehend the material better. Learning information by doing something instead of continually listening in a classroom may help grades improve. It would also give students something to look forward to during stressful times of the year.

Finally the most beneficial things that are taken from a field trip are the bonds students make with their classmates and teachers. Exploring different cities with your peers and learning new cultures, and truly understanding how the world works brings you closer with the people you explore it with, is truly what SHA is all about. The second you start high school at Sacred Heart, the strong bonds that are formed are talked about a lot, and adding more field trips would just create even stronger bond with your class. Having strong relationships with friends creates stronger immunity, lowers stress, improves self-confidences, increases happiness and health which would all help improve and benefit the school environment.