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Junior Ring Experience

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The Class of 2020’s Junior Ring Ceremony was absolutely wonderful. From the music in the chapel to seeing all of my classmates dressed up, it was everything I expected and more from this important event. All of the juniors did a great job cooperating during the ceremony and we definitely looked like we knew what we were doing. Thanks to Sr. Judith, ASCJ, and the junior moderators, they made sure we became familiar with how this whole event would play out. Experiencing that moment before walking up to receive my ring was truly exciting and surreal.

SHA juniors posing and showing off their rings.

The night started out with feelings of excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness. First walking into the Lecture Hall was thrilling because the I knew the actual ceremony was getting closer and closer. Once I saw my friends, I started to feel a little more relaxed. Eventually, all of the juniors proceeded to go up to the chapel. Once all of us made it to our assigned spots, the mass began and we sand some of our favorite songs for mass. I think the songs were everyone’s favorite part because they were so upbeat and fun to sing. The song I personally liked the best was the Alma Mater because singing it together as a class was so empowering and it gave me a fantastic sense of unity and sisterhood.  Not a lot of other juniors from other schools that are co-ed or have many more students, in my opinion, can say the same thing because our Alma Mater is so specific to us and is really made for all SHA girls to sing. Also, the feeling of a small community that is so close is such an important but rare feeling for most classes to have. Especially seeing the alumni mothers sing along with us is quite inspiring because it gives all of us a glimpse of what powerful and great women we will become through Sacred Heart.

SHA juniors posing and showing off their rings.

Finally, we all processed out of the chapel into the café for a celebration with pictures, snacks, and of course cake! This part of the night is a lot of fun because you get to look at all of your friends’ rings and congratulate one another. As an hour or two passed by, friends started leaving, thoroughly worn out from all the exhilaration. Eventually this beautiful event soon ended and we all went home to prepare for our special junior picnic that was scheduled for the following day. The junior picnic was also a success. The food was great and we even got to leave school early.

SHA juniors posing and showing off their rings.

The time leading up to Junior Ring was intimidating since obviously none of us had experienced it before. Missing break for a few days and practicing in the chapel all became worth it though, because of the delightful occasion we all ended up sharing as a class. It is truly a night to look forward to and a night to remember. All of the rings were beautiful and they perfectly represent Sacred Heart Academy with the school’s crest right in the middle in gold and the crimson red around it. It is so unique and charming at the same time. Every time I look at it, I think of my marvelous class. I am sure everyone will treasure the ring they bought and think the same thing every time they look at it.  Junior ring is a special event no matter the school or the people you are with. It is the first step to becoming a senior and  it opens all juniors’ eyes to the new and exciting year that is just around the corner. Junior year is like the last year to embrace being a “kid” in high school because once you are a senior, college and the future is all you think about. Even though you may visit colleges and begin the college process junior year, you really do not have to start considering these important decisions until senior year. Junior ring reminds everyone to live life to the fullest in junior year and cherish your last months being a junior until you go off and start serious business.

SHA juniors posing and showing off their rings.

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Junior Ring Experience