Results From School-Wide Survey (This is Jeopardy!)

This edition’s survey was meant to simulate a mini Jeopardy tournament, in honor of its host Alex Trebek, who recently announced his battle against stage four pancreatic cancer. In general, I think Trebek would have been pretty proud of the SHA community as the average score for this practice test was 64%, which equates to 6.4 out of 10 jeopardy-style questions being answered correctly. Here’s the breakdown for each of the questions:


Question 1: 76% got the correct answer (What is a phoenix?)

76% What is a phoenix? 9% What is a dragon? 8% What is a griffin? 5% What is thunderbird? 2% What is a unicorn 0% What is a giant squid?


Question 2: 91% got the correct answer (Who is Cardi B?)

91% Who is Cardi B? 9% Who is Nicki Minaj? 0% Who is Iggy Azalea? 0% Who is Bhad Bhabie?


Question 3: 60% got the correct answer (What is Harvard University?)

60% What is Harvard University? 21% What is Yale University? 8% What is University of Pennsylvania? 6% What is Princeton University? 3% What is Dartmouth College? 2% What is Brown University?


Question 4: 55% got the correct answer (What is “to the fairest?”)

55% What is “to the fairest?” 26% What is “to the prettiest?” 17% What is “to the wisest?” 2% What is “to the kindest?”


Question 5: 81% got the correct answer (What is the golden calf?)

81% What is the golden calf? 7% What is the statue of Baal? 7% What is the staff of Moses? 3% What is the mighty donkey? 1% What is the silver coin? 1% What is the bright gem?


Question 6: 77% got the correct answer (What is chlorophyll?)

77% What is chlorophyll? 20% What is chloroplast? 3% What is photosystem? 0% What is mesophyll?


Question 7: 88% got the correct answer (What is the Queen of Hearts?)

88% What is the Queen of Hearts? 9% What is the Mad Hatter? 1% What is the Dark Knight? 1% What is the White Rabbit? 1% What is the Red King? 0% What is the Cheshire Cat?


Question 8: 19% got the correct answer (What is lemonade?)

63% What is fruit punch? 19% What is lemonade? 10% What is peach sangria? 8% What is strawberry smoothie?


Question 9: 58% got the correct answer (What is the 19th Amendment?)

58% What is the 19th Amendment? 13% What is the 23rd Amendment? 8% What is the 7th Amendment? 8% What is the 27th Amendment? 8% What is the 14th Amendment?4% What is the 5th Amendment?


Question 10: 42% got the correct answer (What are irrational numbers?)

42% What are irrational numbers? 28% What are prime numbers? 19% What are imaginary numbers? 0% What are complex numbers?