Results From School Wide Survey (Which Mother Clelia Quote Are You?)

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This edition’s survey asked students to answer 7 questions with each answer giving students a certain number of points. At the end of the survey, students were given the total number of points they earned. These totals were then used to see which of the 5 Mother Clelia quotes they most resemble. The quote that the greatest number of students matched with is, “Every day, through your sacrifices, you can win souls for the heart of Jesus.”


Here’s the breakdown of the quotes:

35% “Every day, through your sacrifices, you can win souls for the heart of Jesus;” 29% “Trust God and miracles will happen;” 23% “Be generous with Jesus and he will not let himself be outdone in generosity;” 10% “Walk with giant steps along the way of holiness to which you have been called;” 3% “What a great privilege it is to be loved by God.”


Here’s the breakdown for the questions:

28% Your perseverance; 21% Your confidence; 20% Your optimism; 19% Your generosity; 12% Your humility


33% Studying and doing school work; 24% Hanging out with friends and family; 21% Relaxing and sleeping; 20% Participating in sports; 2% Volunteering and helping


44% Harry Potter; 23% Soul Surfer; 16% The Giver; 9% The Pursuit of Happyness; 7% Heaven is for Real


50% Treat yourself first, then save or invest the rest; 22% Go on adventures and nice vacations; 16% Spend it on family and friends; 7% Donate it to charity; 5% Use it to open up your own business


44% They need someone to just be there for them; 20% They need help/assistance; 17% They need some cheering up; 15% They need a motivational pep talk; 4% They need some friendly competition


37% Independence and a successful career; 23% Help others and make a difference in the world; 18% Have a fun, stress-free life; 13% Make strong relationships/bonds; 9% Keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle


39% Procrastination and at times pure laziness; 32% Getting stressed out easily and feeling you’re not good enough; 16% Shyness or difficulty expressing yourself; 7% Inability to sit down and relax; 6% Forgetting to care for yourself and about your own needs/wants



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