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Midterm Mayhem

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Now that Christmas break is over, midterm exams are right around the corner! Although the idea of taking five to seven large tests may cause stress, it can also be a great opportunity to boost your grades and reaffirm everything you have learned over the past two semesters. Provided below are some useful tips to remember when studying for your exams:

  1. Try to spread out your focus. Don’t spend all your time studying for your A1 and A2 exams and then wait until the night before the last day to prepare for the B3 and B4 ones.
  2. “Make note cards and outlines…while Quizlet may be convenient, the act of physically writing out the note cards allows your brain to integrate the information better. Also, say the answers out loud and elaborate as if you were explaining the topic to someone,” (1) says a college student.
  3. Eat, sleep and exercise between studying. “Exercising can reduce stress, improve brain activity, and increase concentration. Eating healthy foods (proteins) can give your brain the power it needs to stay alert. Sleep rejuvenates the body and alleviates stress,” (2) says a college professor.
  4. Study in 45-minute intervals. “Research has shown that concentration, comprehension, and memory progressively decreases after 45 minutes of solid studying. If you want to study smarter, take a 15-minute break every 45 minutes, during which you stretch your muscles by walking around and rest your eyes and mind,” says Elaine Shpungin, Ph.D.
  5. Try to make studying exciting. Although it can be challenging to stay engrossed and not get distracted, try using interesting templates to make pretty study guides. Using color, pictures and graphs is sure to make the studying experience more bearable.


Now that you know these important tips, you are prepared to ace your exams! It is important not to stress out, because they will be over after just four days. If you study hard, eat well, sleep for as long as possible, take breaks while studying and prepare in advance, midterms are sure to be a painless and successful experience this year!






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Midterm Mayhem