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Spirit Week

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Once again, Spirit Week has come and gone. This central period of the school year illustrates Sacred Heart’s unmistakable strong-bonds. It is defined by the joyful shrieks and cheers, extravagant café decorations and of course, the over-the-top costumes. Though this Spirit Week was split up by many snow days, the unmistakable energy and fun was still present! Her is a recap:
Monday: Color Day and Heads Up
The Seniors, wearing their color of blue, dressed up as doctors and nurses in blue scrubs. During break, they performed a hilarious skit based on Grey’s Anatomy. The Juniors, embodying the color of red, dressed up as Mario in overalls, a red shirt, and red hat. The Sophomores were assigned the color green and dressed up as Daisy Girl Scouts. The Freshmen, assigned the color of yellow, were emojis. All in all, each class looked fantastic, though the Juniors won for their undeniable, great class unity!
Heads Up, a game in which participants had to act out and imitate objects or actions for a partner to guess, was played. Each team played well, but the Seniors won!
Tuesday: Historical Moment and Obstacle Course
The Seniors dressed up as cavemen for the historical moment; they walked around with teased hair, face paint, and donned clothing which looked like animal fur. The Juniors dressed up as Rosie the Riveter, a symbol of the hard-working American woman. The Sophomores won, dressing up in hippie clothing to denote the Woodstock Music Festival. The Freshmen dressed up in bed-sheet togas to represent the Greek goddesses.
Each class competed in an obstacle course in which participants had to collectively travel the quickest. The Seniors won!
Wednesday: Children’s Book and Lip Sync
The Seniors dressed up as monkeys in pajamas to denote the 10 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed story book. The Juniors adorably dressed up as the mouse from If I Gave a Mouse a Cookie and won! The Sophomores dressed up as the scatterbrained, hilarious and ridiculous Fancy Nancy. The Freshmen wore bathrobes and slippers as they chose to characterize the Polar Express.
On this day, each class participated in a lip sync competition. Though each class danced and sung well, the Juniors won!
Thursday: Board Game and Minute-to-Win-It
The Seniors dressed up as Guess Who?, walking around the school with picture frames decorated with their names. The Juniors dressed up as the many elusive characters of Clue and won! The Sophomores dressed up as Twister, wearing multicolored spots on their white clothing, and the Freshmen dressed up as the delightful characters of Candy Land.
On this day, Minute-to-Win-It was played in which small, difficult tasks had to be completed in only one minute. Each class played well though the Sophomores won overall!
Friday: Movie and Dance Crew
The Seniors dressed up as Darla from Finding Nemo, wearing their uniform, pigtails, and purple sweaters. The Juniors dressed up as the goth girl Wednesday Addams, wearing black and white with their hair in braids. The Sophomores dressed up as Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality. They wore dresses, sashes with “FBI” across the front, and combat boots. The Freshmen won, dressing as Up, either wearing a boy scout costume, a dog’s costume, a “Kevin-the-bird” costume, or simply dressing up as that iconic house with balloons! All of the dances were choreographed well and the performances were fun and entertaining. The Seniors took the win!
Café Decorations:
The Juniors won with their decorations of Mario World.

Foam-Finger Hunt:

The Freshmen won all five days!

Sadly, another Spirit Week has come and gone. This crazy week is a true SHA tradition of developing class unity and having loads of fun!

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